Let's try to imagine the shooter's gear from the perspective of a sport shooter, that will be the intent of the description, but that doesn't mean we can look at him as a lover of romance and history. Fast shooters prefer the SAA 1873 with its short action, shorter barrel and single caliber. History buffs prefer classic (conversion) revolvers with long barrels and generally historic calibers - 44,40, 45 LC, as well as 32-20, S&W calibers and Colt calibers. For CAS, well-functioning and finely tuned replicas are probably best. Manufacturers vary in quality and brand does not always mean best fit for CAS. We are not going to describe an encyclopedia, you can find that at and elsewhere, but recommendations based on experience using each model and caliber.


1. Percussion - Colt, Remington, 36 or 44 caliber.
2. Conversions - Everyone probably knows the western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, albeit preceded by depictions of the historical reality of the use of these weapons, but with beautiful long barreled guns. These were conversions, 7.5" - 8" long barrels, looking like percussion guns but loading cartridges through a loading flap. Preferably Richardson, 45 LC, 44-40, 38sp caliber. The advantage is in the larger stock (from the percussion models), authenticity and use of bullets.
3. S&W Scofield / Rusian - Train to Yuma.... A fast gun of a fast bad guy. Not used much due to the different shape of the hammers.
4. Colt SAA 1873 - the most used type of revolver. This is perhaps not about listing movies, but gun names - six-shooter, peacemaker,
a. Barrel lengths 4.5/8, 5.5", 7.5" - shorter barrels best suited for CAS.
b. Calibers - 32-20, 38 sp, 357 mag, 44-40, 45 LC, S&W calibers, etc. Since the ammo factor should be greater than 60, when combined with barrel length, and thus gun weight, I recommend 38 sp and 357 mag. But for the classic categories you have to use a larger caliber, 44-40 is suitable, as is 32-20 for black powder.


1. Uberti - SAA can be easily tuned, short stroke must be from the manufacturer but doesn't work very well, they also make conversions, Scofields, percussion revolvers. Operational reliability medium. Cheap and quick way to get a CAS gun.
2. Pieta - tries to produce revolvers with no tuning required, good experience. They released a short action version in 2015, we don't have experience with this product yet. Price lower than Uberti. However, the product range is wider and they also produce percussion revolvers.
3. Chaparral - manufacturer of cheaper SAA.
4. Pedersoli - the best known manufacturer of nice replicas.
5. Ruger - classic SAA dressed up in a more modern version with a carry lever. Priced close to the Italian makers, but if you want a short run, get it in a kit from Shotgun Boogie's Guns Work (SBGW). The advantage is excellent running, the disadvantage is the higher price. But the result is worth it. Personally, I think it is the best combination for revolvers, and not just for the use of a floating firing pin, but for operational reliability and quality.
6. USFA - manufacturer of classic SAA concept, higher price category. Excellent SAAs of various finishes, calibers and barrel lengths. No short stroke installation options. Service less affordable than this manufacturer's products. Otherwise gun made to "out of the box to hoster" quality Does not require tuning, runs great, operational reliability generally good, some springs require more frequent replacement.
7. Colt - classic SAA manufacturer. Nothing to add. The shape of the hammer makes it a little difficult for shooters with larger hands.