AWS Audit Committee

1. The Audit Committee of the Association is an audit body responsible to the General Assembly. It consists of three members elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years. A member of the Audit Committee may not be a member of another elected body of the Association. It shall elect a chairman from among its members, who shall chair and convene the meetings of the committee.

2. The competence of the commission includes:

(a) verification of information on the state of the membership base and maintenance of a list of members,

b) consulting the books and other records and documents of the association and its affiliated associations and checking the data contained therein,

(c) checking the management of the association,
d) requesting necessary explanations,
e) checking the fulfilment of the tasks set by the General Assembly,
(f) dealing with complaints from members.

3. The Audit Committee shall decide on its resolutions by a majority of its members.

4. The Audit Committee shall submit a report to the General Assembly on its findings.