Wild Bunch Categories

SASS Wild Bunch competitions have two basic shooting categories depending on the 1911 pistol used. These two categories are Modern and Traditional. The requirements are as follows:


- Modern and Traditional specification pistols are allowed.
- Any shooting style is allowed.
- Any approved rifle and shotgun is allowed under these rules.


- Only Traditional specification pistols are allowed (see above)
- The shooter must shoot with one hand only without any support (Duelist style). The weak hand may be used for reloading, cocking the bolt and troubleshooting.
- Any approved rifle and shotgun under these rules may be used.


There are always 4 main categories at the event: men's Traditional and Modern and women's Lady Traditional and Lady Modern. If there are enough shooters, additional categories may be announced based on age, e.g. Senior.


- At least 10 shooters must be entered in the main category. Only after this quota is filled can a secondary category be opened.
- At least 5 shooters must register for the secondary category.
- Shooters must be at least 65 years old.