SASS Categories

Cateories without age limitation

Cowboy / Cowgirl

Categories by age

- Buckaroo/Buckarette: age 13 and under,

- Junior Boy/Junior Girl: 16 years and under,

- Wrangler/Lady Wrangler: age 36 and over,

- Forty-Niner/Lady Forty-Niner: age 49 and over,

- Senior/Lady Senior: age 60 and over,

- Silver Senior/Lady Silver Senior: age 65 and over,

- Elder Statesman/Grand Dame: age 70 and over,

- Cattle Baron/Cattle Baroness: age 75 and over,

- El Patron/La Patrona: age 80 and over,

- El Rey/La Reina: age 85 and over.

Categories by shooting style

- Duelist/Lady Duelist

- Gunfighter / Lady Gunfighter

Categories by clothing style

- Classic Cowboy/Classic Cowgirl

- B-Western/Lady B-Western

Categories for Black Powder

- Frontier Cartridge/Lady Frontier Cartridge

- Frontier Cartridge Duelist / Lady Frontier Cartridge Duelist

- Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter / Lady Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

- Frontiersman / Lady Frontiersman

Other breakdowns

In addition to the "basic categories" listed in this manual, competitions may open up categories created by further subdivisions based on other factors such as age, gender, shooting style, or powder used. When subdividing categories based on shooting style or clothing, the basic category rules should be applied first and then the age limits. A full list of all possible combinations does not exist. The examples given here are intended to illustrate the various possibilities:

- Gunfighter Lady Senior Gunfighter Lady Senior Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter.

- Duelist Lady Duelist Lady Senior Duelist Lady Silver Senior Duelist.