How to become a member of AWS

New AWS membership applicant needs to do the following:

- Fill in and send AWS application form (on the bottom)
- Get familiar with the documents in the "Download" section below
- The AWS Board will then decide whether or not the membership is granted. Assigned Board member will then inform the applicant about the Board's decision,
- In case of positive decision the new member will be required to pay the membership and registration fees and will be given his/her AWS number.

Payment instructions

The membership is valid only after the payment is made, the member is given his member card and AWS badge. This is arranged by the AWS Treasurer.

AWS member has the following rights:

a) participate on the General Meeting and its decisions,
b) freely express his/her opinions and views on the AWS activities and performance of individual officials,
c) obtain information and required explanations relating to AWS activities,
d) use advice and assistance of AWS bodies to perform his/her AWS duties,
e) to voted and be voted for into all AWS positions and bodies (does not apply to under-aged members),
f) present suggestions and comments to AWS bodies,
g) be present to the Board meeting, however is not allowed to disrupt the meeting in any way,
h) participate on AWS activities, especially AWS organized events.
Member card is the evidence of membership.
4. The evidence of the Honorary membership is the Honorary membership/president deed. The Honorarymembership/presidency may be revoked by the AWS body which granted it.

AWS member has the following duties:

a) comply with the AWS articles of incorporation and decisions of AWS bodies,
b) to protect and promote AWS interests,
c) pay his/her membership fees well and on time, that is by the April 30 of the given year. The fees are to be paid to AWS bank account as instructed by the Board and published on the AWS website. Transaction ID – membership number. In exceptional cases the fee cam be paid in cash; this has to be approved by the Board.
d) respect decisions of the AWS bodies,
e) actively participate in the AWS activities as circumstances allow,
f) perform designated tasks,
g) perform duties resulting of his/her voluntary acceptance of AWS position/body membership,
h) make sure that ho harm is caused to the AWS interests and goodwill.

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