Historie a současnost AWS Czech

In 1998, a group of enthusiasts around our friend, now deceased Roman Horešovský, founded the Association of Western Shooters (registration at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic on 13 August 1998), as an interest association of people interested in the Wild West era, collecting and shooting historical weapons of North America in the second half of the 19th century.


Over time, recreational shooting evolved into a sport characterized as Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) under the rules of the American Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) - www.sassnet.com. The AWS shooters have gradually reached such an experience and level that the AWS is seen as the largest promoter of SASS rules shooting in Europe. AWS is the main initiator and founder of the European CAS Championship - Days of Truth (DoT). AWS shooters repeatedly participate in the CAS World Championship in New Mexico, USA - End of Trail (EoT).

The CAS Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, Hell in Oparany, is considered one of the best competitions in Europe among European shooters for its quality. A rich tradition has been established since 1998 - here is an overview of the main milestones of CAS development in the Czech Republic:

  • 1998 - establishment of AWS
  • 2003 - AWS organizes the 1st Czech Championship in Cowboy Action Shooting
  • 2004 - AWS organizes the 1st European CAS Championship - "Days of Truth"
  • 2009 - AWS organizes the 6th European CAS Championship - "Days of Truth"
  • 2009 - AWS and SAWS organize the 1st CS League in CAS
  • 2012 - AWS organizes the 10th Czech Championship in Cowboy Action Shooting - "HELL in Opařany"
  • 2013 - AWS organizes the 10th European Championship in CAS - "Days of Truth".
  • 2017 - AWS organizes the 14th European CAS Championship - "Days of Truth". a
  • 15. Czech Championship in Cowboy Action Shooting
  • 2018 - AWS organizes the 15th European CAS Championship - "Days of Truth"
  • 2019 - AWS moves its facilities and containers from Oparan to the shooting range in Oblekovice and organizes the first "HELL in Oblekovice"
  • 2020 - AWS organizes another 18th Czech Championship in Oblekovice - "HELL in Znojmo 2020"
  • 2021 - AWS organizes 19th Czech Championship in cowboy action shooting in Oblekovice - "HELL in Znojmo 2021"
  • 2022 - AWS organizes the 19th Czech Championship in cowboy action shooting in Oblekovice - "HELL in Znojmo 2022" in the order of the 20th Czech Championship in cowboy action shooting

AWS objectives

AWS shooters practice their sport in the company of people showing mutual respect, observing the code of honour, helping each other and sharing the spirit of the game of cowboy action shooting. AWS shooters see cowboy action shooting as one of the most exciting forms of sport, interest, relaxation, fun and romance. At the same time, however, it is true that this type of shooting is as much a sport as any other shooting, and that to achieve excellent results requires hard training and preparation. They prove this by participating in world, European and international championships, where they achieve leading positions in their categories and in the overall standings.

The aim of AWS is to promote cowboy action shooting, to maintain and improve the European level of this shooting and to proudly continue the established tradition of this sport. To pass all this on to the next generation, emphasizing the preservation of the principles of freedom, pride, honor and mutual respect.