AWS Captains

The grade of a member of the association means his promotion to a status which is independent of the type of membership or participation of the member in the body of the association. Promotion shall be conferred by the presidium as a token of appreciation to a member of the association for his/her long, active and developmental approach to the activities of the association and his/her contributions to the building and promotion of cowboy action shooting under SASS rules. Promotion of a member of the Society to the appropriate rank is solemnly announced at the General Assembly or at the National Cowboy Action Shooting Championship.

Captain AWS

- length of AWS membership from 10 years
- Nominated by the Presidium, the Audit Committee, or at least a unanimous application from 20 AWS members.

Additional conditions shall be determined by the Presidium by its decision.
A member promoted to rank shall receive a certificate and badge of the appropriate grade.