a. Marlin
b. Henry
c. Winchester 1866 - without lever lock. A little dangerous.
d. Winchester 1873 - the most used type of rifle. There are the most tuning accessories for these guns (short strokes, lifts, springs, etc...) Recommended by Cowboys & Indian (C&I), then Pioneergunworks (PGW). The best way to go is to get a new gun and have the new gun still fitted with tuning and short travel by an experienced gunsmith (SBGW).
e. Colt lightning - when it works it is great, but it has more disadvantages than advantages, it doesn't need much tuning.
f. Colt Burges - a rarity.


a. Uberti - this has the most sales of 1866 and 1873 models, the most commonly modified and tuned manufacturer.
b. Pieta - waiting for a new tuned model....
c. Chaparral - lever action.
d. USFA - lightning
e. Winchester - original, or even replica from Japanese Miroku, this one can also be tuned, but only from PGW.

Barrel lengths

a. For CAS we recommend shorter barrels
b. Carabine 19"
c. Short Rifle 20" barrels.
d. Longer barrels are a liability for rapid fire, 16" barrels not authorized by SASS.


a. Pistol stock
b. Straight stock.
c. Here is the space for personal assessment of suitability.


1. Most common calibers 32-20, 38 sp, 357 mag, 44-40, 45 LC 45 ACP.
2. In terms of practical sporting uses, 38 sp and 357 mag are most appropriate. When reloading you can easily get shells and bullets. One can labor on lower powder weights, which then speeds up the actual shooting. Use fast BA10 powder in the 2 - 2.2 grain range for 122 and 165 grain bullets for both revolver and rifle. The financial aspect is also not negligible - the cost of primers and bullets.
3. If black powder is used, then fewer fumes are returned to the cylinder at the rear of the revolver frame or to the chamber of the rifle. You can't reduce the weight of a bullet by reloading a large pistol primer without restriction. Exceeding the downward limit in the weighting then results in the primers ejecting after firing, thus blocking cylinder rotation.
4. Other calibers - 45 ACP, 44 sp., etc...