History of Cowboy Action Shooting

History of Cowboy Action Shooting

In 1981, IPSC shooters were so inspired after watching western movies that they founded this Cowboy Action Shooting.

The founder is Harper Creigh aka Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1. The first CAS range was a shooting range in Coto de Caza, California.
The first End of Trail (CAS World Championship) was held in April 1982 with 65 registered shooters. (More at www.sassnet.com).

SASS was founded in 1987.

Czech history begins in 1998.

Spirit of the Game

As CAS has evolved, its shooters have also developed and promoted a principle in the discipline called the "Spirit of the Game". It is a principle with which they compete. To compete in the "Spirit of the Game" is to fully conduct oneself and adhere to all the intent that CAS competition requires. That is, to dress as well as possible, use appropriate weapons and ammunition, and respect the traditions of the Wild West. Some people would say it's nothing more than good sport. We call it "Spirit of the Game."


Shooters choose their Alias. The rules for assigning Alias are handled directly by SASS at www.sassnet.com. SASS members have their nickname registered on a central registry and this nickname should not be interchangeable. It should be reminiscent of historical or cinematic representatives of Wild West history, as well as the character of the shooter.