What is Wild Bunch

SASS Wild Bunch™

is a multi-faceted amateur shooting sport in which competitors compete with weapons typical of the Wild West "taming" period shortly after the turn of the 20th century: the M1911 pistol, lever action repeaters, and Winchester 93/97 or Winchester Model 12 shot pumps. Competition shooting is conducted in a unique manner, characteristic of the time and territory of the American Wild West.

Competitors fire one to three guns in several shooting situations (stages) in which they shoot at steel and/or paper targets. Judging is based on accuracy and speed.

A truly unique aspect of Wild Bunch™ action shooting is the requirement for authentic period clothing. Each participant must also determine his or her shooting nickname (alias), which corresponds to, for example, a character or profession typical of the late nineteenth century or a Hollywood movie star, and customize his or her outfit accordingly.